Landscaping is an Expensive Investment-Protect Against the Freeze!


With the freezing cold conditions expected across Louisiana there are a few things you should be aware of to prepare for the freezing temperatures. Remember the 4 P’s Pets, Plants, Pipes and People!

Southwest Louisiana is going to get a taste of the strong cold front already blasting the Midwest.  Our 7 day forecast shows freezing temperatures through Friday expected.

We have heaters and blankets to keep us warm, we can’t say the same for water pipes throughout the house and we are not accustomed to cold temperatures here in Southwest Louisiana.  Many will be using space heaters  to keep warm and you want to remember to be safe in doing so and check on any elderly residents too.

Here are a few tips:


  • Disconnect outdoor hoses, drain and store in protected area.
  • Wrap exposed faucets and pipes – including those outside the house or in unheated crawl spaces, attics, garages and other areas paying attention to where the water supply enters the house.
  • Turn the temperature on in your house above 50 degrees.
  • Make sure you have faucets dripping.
  • If your home is on piers you may want to keep a light underneath your house to heat the pipes from the bottom


  • Keep warm, stay inside if possible
  • Dress in layers, wear hats, gloves and coat when you go out
  • Avoid over exertion, cold weather can put a strain on your body
  • Observe heater safety
  1. Never place a space heater on top of furniture or near water.
  2. Keep heat sources at least 3 feet away from furniture and drapes.
  3. Never leave children unattended near a space heater.


• Bring pets inside, and move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas.

• Keep adequate food and water available.


• Bring potted plants inside or store in garage near interior wall to provide extra warmth and protection from wind.

• For cold-sensitive outdoor plants, put down extra mulch and consider covering with a cloth fabric of some kind to shield the plants from wind and frost.  Many residents have wrapped their palm trees with a burlap material to insulate these tropical plants. Greengate Garden Center offers a plant insulating material called N Sulate.

I learned plant protection the hard way losing 2 of my palm trees last year.  This year my Queen’s Palm has fallen victim to the cold temperatures again.  Landscaping is an expensive investment you must protect!

It is probably also a good idea if you don’t have a garage or shelter for your vehicle, you probably should prepare your car  adding antifreeze.

Just remember if you don’t like the weather here today, just wait it is ever changing in Southwest Louisiana and we can shoot back up into the 70’s next week!



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