Carriage Rides in Lake Charles, LA

Lighted Holiday Carriage Rides Featured by J & R Carriage

Lake Charles Real Estate

Are you looking for something special to do during the holiday season in Lake Charles, Louisiana?  You can schedule a carriage ride along beautiful Shell Beach Drive to view the Christmas Lights!

Each evening you will find J & R Carriage along the Promenade behind the Civic Center in Lake Charles.  J & R Carriage is a full time carriage company that offers several different size carriages and can accommodate your needs depending on the number of people in your party.

I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening and get into the Christmas spirit than a lighted carriage ride complete with a blanket and bringing along your favorite beverage of choice!

I just went on my own beautiful carriage ride this evening guided by one of the owners of J & R Carriage–Roger Roy!

I learned that J & R Carriage has six Belgian mules who are treated very well and trained for the task of pulling carriages! What’s not to love about a mule wearing a Santa hat and bells!

Lake Charles Real Estate

Call 337 570-9909 or 337 842 0778 for information on holiday carriage tours and pricing.



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