REALTORS Have Home Projects Too!

Realtors have projects just like the buyers and sellers we represent!

paint project


I posted a Blog in June about  my own experience selecting paint colors to freshen up the walls of my own home. The sample wall sections of “test colors” have been up on the wall for a month now and I went in an entirely different direction of color than what  I tested.  Its just like I said in my earlier blog….”what looks good on that little paint chip may be beautiful but when you put it up on the wall it can be yucky!”

Couple Painting

Slowly but surely we are replacing the boring neutral “contractor beige” room to room.  Incorporating your own personality into your home decor is what will make your house your home. Who wants to stick with boring?

Like most people experience, and we hear alot when we list a home, “we just didn’t get around to painting”–our painting project went on the back burner!  If you have been reading my Blogs you are probably aware I have been just a little busy LOL!  For weeks my husband has popped his head in my office and asked me “are we painting this weekend?” We finally got around to finishing what we started!

I am happy to post that the color selection that won for Bedroom #1 is America’s Heartland. It is a light shade of yellow(which doesn’t photograph well) and I guess with the name like America’s Heartland it is supposed to be like a golden wheat ….however I think it looks more like Lemon Chiffon Pie its very light and airy just like chiffon pie!

after paint



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