Painting With a Twist in Lake Charles

painting with a twist

Painting With A Twist has taken Lake Charles by storm!  This is a great concept, gather a group of friends together and schedule a private paint party, pick a design, bring a bottle of wine (or not) and leave with your finished painting in 2- 3 hours!

If you don’t know how to paint never fear, you don’t need to be skilled, the teacher takes you through the class step by step (although some of us needed remedial help)!  When you come in you get a canvas with the penciled design already traced on it, an apron, all your supplies are set up for you. The paint used is acrylic so it drys fast.  I laughed when the teacher said you have to step back from your work to admire it!  If a group of stressed out REALTORS can paint you can too! Oh and just in case you screw up, there is a Free SOS class held once a month on Saturdays where you can come back in and “fix” your painting with the help of a “staff artist”.

Meet some of the agents of Century 21 Mike D. Bono & Co.’s with our finished Fleur De Lis paintings!

Century 21 Mike D Bono Agents

Hmm….. could this be the newest trend in gifts this Christmas?



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