Everything Old is New Again

Historical Renovation and Preservation is popular in Lake Charles, LA

If you are a frequent visitor to downtown Lake Charles and the Garden District you will notice there are several historical homes undergoing face lifts to shine once again in splendor.

plantation home

There are several historical homes for sale in Lake Charles Downtown Lake Charles is revitalizing with families moving into these historic homes.  You might say its the “in thing” to do.  People are drawn to the charm and one of a kind features of the historical Victorian homes and cottages.  I know because I have been on this specific search with my buyers for several months and we finally have one of these historical homes “under contract” and will be closing later this month.


One company that specializes in this restoration process is Rhino Rhenovators.  Rhino Rhenovators is owned by Samantha and Randy LeJeune.  They have renovated many homes and buildings in Lake Charles and many Lake Charles residents will remember the old Plantation Restaurant  located at 903 Broad Street.  The LeJeunes have converted this beautiful plantation home into their own personal residence.

Restoring historical homes maintains a part of our history.  Recently I saw on the news where Rhino Rhenovators is going to move an old historical home from its location on Shell Beach Drive to Pujo Street!  The two story home will be moved in three pieces and lovingly restored in its new location.  I hope to drive by and get a photo of this move in process!

Looking for a historical home in Lake Charles? Give me a call MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337 499 9592.  Currently under renovation and want to list that beautiful home? Contact me so we can achieve real estate success together!


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