Nichols in DeQuincy, Louisiana:A Store Unlike Any Other

I recently posted a Blog on the City of DeQuincy, Louisiana and how this small town reminded me of Mayberry.

Upon my recent visit to DeQuincy, LA I discovered  Nichols in DeQuincyNichols is an old dry goods store that has been in business since 1914.  If you didn’t know about this little gem of a store you would drive right past it.  The exterior looks like a very old hardware store and did you know they even have a pharmacy?

Nichols in DeQuincy

Nichols actually reminds me of the general store run by Sam Drucker in the old Green Acres TV series.  “Mr. Drucker” carried everything you needed!

Sam Drucker

Nichols was founded in DeQuincy in 1914 and has grown with four other locations in Many, Winnfield, Leesville and Coushatta, Louisiana.  This is not your ordinary store and once you step foot inside you will see what makes Nichols so unique.

Nichols in DeQuincy

As these interior photos show, there are aisles of home-yard decor, LSU items as well as sporting goods for all your sportsmen!  There is even a baby gift and clothing section!  You will be amazed at what Nichols has to offer and can spend hours inside just going up and down each aisle. I saw everything from deer stands and fishing lures to fine interior home decor and flip flops!   I left with a basket full of goodies and was able to check a baby and wedding gift off my list! Oh and did I mention that they wrapped my gifts for me because that saved me time too!

Nichols is a reason to visit DeQuincy again and I plan on going back to check out what Nichols will bring home from market for the holidays this year! Expect another Blog on Nichols from me in the future!


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