Celebrate the 4th of July in Lake Charles!

Looking for 4th of July Activities in Lake Charles, Louisiana?

Don’t miss one of the largest events, Red, White Blue and You!

4th of July

I have great childhood memories of growing up in Greenville, Mississippi and going to the levee every summer on 4th of July to watch the fireworks.  That was back when ordinances did not allow any fireworks inside the City limits.  We would bring our own colorful sparklers with us and light them along the levee. That was such a thrill as a kid and I looked forward to those sparklers all year long, 4th of July was just as exciting as Christmas! sparklers

Lake Charles has its own fabulous display of Fireworks at the Civic Center Seawall on the 4th of July!  I can’t bring my sparklers but I can bring my lawn chair and enjoy some great patriotic music presented by the Lake Charles Community Band in Bourd du Lac Park!lake charles community band

This weekend, June 26 is the Southwest Louisiana Patriot’s Ball.  This event will be the kick off event of Red White Blue and You in Lake Charles!

This year residents and visitors will have a view of all the new enhancements of the Lake Charles Promenade.  The City of Lake Charles is working hard to put finishing touches on the Marina and Boardwalk along the seawall.  Here is a sneak peak of what 4th of July sunset will look like next weekend!


There is also an old fashioned Blue Ribbon Apple Pie contest scheduled!  Nothing better than Apple Pie, yummy!apple pie

As the sun sets in Lake Charles, the sky lights up with a fabulous fireworks display beginning at 9:00 pm. fireworks You won’t want to miss celebrating the 4th of July in Lake Charles. The City of Lake Charles has the name of our community celebration appropriately named, Red, White Blue and You!


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