Ways to Boost Your Home Value

Housing prices may have dropped in your neighborhood but there are still some smart ways to invest in your home to help hold the value whether you are buying or selling now or in the future.

1. Create Space


Remember those old kitchens with the serve pass through or bar?  Create more space by knocking out a non load bearing wall or removing an island.  Anything that opens space and creates an flow in the house gets good response from buyers.  Buyers like the open floor plans with the kitchen flowing into the living room.

2.  Pay Attention to Landscaping

curb appealflickr

Overgrown trees and unkept bushes can obscure views and darken the interior of a home.  Create a good curb appeal.  If a buyer can’t see the house they may just move right on.  Neglected landscaping can pose the opinion of poorly maintained property.  If the house is neglected on the outside whats on the inside?

Today’s buyers don’t want to spend money in landscaping after moving in.

3.  Don’t put off Care and Maintenance

house projectflickr

Before any fancy upgrades address what is already in place.  Repair any plumbing leaks, insulate your attic, replace broken gutters, septic systems etc.  These things are usually exposed during the inspection anyway so you might as well go ahead and fix what needs to be done.  Homes that get the attention of buyers are the ones in tip top shape.  Homes that sell are in pristine condition and priced well.

4.  What is Under Your Feet?

shag carpetflickr

We have all seen those homes with the 1970’s shag carpeting and the pink and aqua tiled bathrooms.  If you are not going to replace flooring, consider offering Buyers a Flooring Allowance.  If everything else in the house is updated and the floorplan is great, buyers may not be ablet o see past the distracting flooring.  If you do replace flooring, there are several engineered hardwood floors that will hold value and be appealing to buyers.

5. Easy Upgrades


You have heard that bathrooms and kitchen upgrades are a sure bet to adding value.  Some upgrades are in-expensive easy and fast.  For instance, you can replace frosted glass for clear glass, clean grout, remove rust stains, apply fresh caulking, update doorknobs and cabinet pulls, replace faucets and even change out an old toilet.  Even buying a new toilet seat makes a difference!

6.  Paint walls neutral colors

painting flickr

Touch up existing paint and if you do re-paint rooms choose a neutral color.  Buyers want to be able to have their own ideas and visualize the space, if your room is painted with your personal taste, buyers have a hard seeing themselves in the space.

7.  Remove any Questions

You don’t want buyers to ask “What’s that?”  Either fix items or remove them.  The more questions, the more the buyer detaches themselves from the house.  So if its replacing a threshold or stripping 1950’s wallpaper, just go ahead and do it now!

8.  Be Patient

Sellers have to listen to the Realtor who has the heartbeat of the market. Be prepared for the right buyer to come along.


One Response to “Ways to Boost Your Home Value”

  1. Ross Joyner Says:

    Hey Marilyn, good tips. Its nice to see you helping others that are not even in your market area. Suggestion for an article (most lay people don’t understand) How about an article on how a realtor views the market price ie comparable’s Just a suggestion 🙂 I thought it might make a good article. Have a great day today and a better one tomorrow.

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