Patio Retreats

We all love spending as much time as possible outdoors in the warmer summer months, so why not treat the outside of our homes as an extension of your living area?

Southwest Louisiana offers alot of opportunity for entertaining and outside events.  As a Realtor in and out of many homes around Lake Charles, I have seen many with outdoor kitchens, screened patio retreats, great decks, and patios.

Patios are extensions of the home that are both functional and appealing to the eye.  Create a patio retreat,  reflective of your personality so you can have maximum enjoyment of your personal space. outdoor patio

There are a variety of designs and many different materials you can choose from depending on the size of your patio that you want to enjoy.  Some things you might need to consider before designing your patio are

  • the existing view your patio has
  • the weather and where the winter sun hits
  • You can even create a relaxing resort feel using umbrellas in a color you’d like.  Umbrellas are also functional and can serve as a temporary cover to your  patio area.  patio furniture
  • You can also choose from simple to extravagant patio furniture for entertaining.  Outdoor furniture has come a long way!  Remember a patio is an extension of your living space so make it comfortable! patio furniture

Dress up your patio floor by selecting from stone, brick or pavers.  Stained and stamped concrete is a practical and simple method.  You can create a design that often looks just like stone or bricks. stamped concrete Creative Concrete by Ron has done some great concrete designs for patios, driveways and porches I have seen.

Decide on a focal point for your patio.  The focal point will draw the eye to it and be the highlight of your patio.  Focal points can be statues, fountains or flower beds!  This is a photo of a patio found in Canal Place Subdivision in Lake Charles.  The homeowner extended the patio with stone pavers and added a fountain as a focal point. Canal Place Patio

Speaking of Patio Retreats, when I am not out selling Real Estate in Lake Charles, you can find me on my patio where  I enjoy spending time relaxing with my family and friends!

Marilyn Boudreaux

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