Home Curb Appeal

“Spring” to Life

Tired of dreary winter days and ready for the warmth and renewal of spring?  So are house hunters!  Here are some easy, inexpensive steps that can lighten listings for the spring season and appeal to potential buyers:

  • Open curtains, shades and blinds to let spring sunshine in.  Wash windows inside and out to remove winter grime and to brighten up the home.

  • Remove winter leaves and debris from the lawn and flower beds. Apply early season fertilizer and weed control treatments as recommended for the specific turf type and climate. Plant blooming annuals for spring color in flower beds or in strategically placed pots, window boxes and planters.
  • Clean fireplaces and hide firebox discolorations with fire screens or potted plants.

  • Bring spring color inside with fresh seasonal flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

  • To give rooms a warm weather lift, put away heavy throws, blankets and dark accessories. Add some brightly colored pillows or candles. Crystal bowls and candlesticks give a light, airy feel to any table or room.  If possible, replace dark area rugs with lighter floor coverings.

  • Place a spring-themed centerpiece on the dining table, or hang a spring wreath on the door.  Put out some pastel placemats and colorful dishes.

  • Touch up paint.   Even if the home does not need complete repainting, applying a fresh coat of paint to doors, woodwork, window sills and stair treads can make rooms seem cleaner and brighter.

  • Plan open houses around budding spring flowers, trees and shrubs for maximum impact and appeal.

Today more than ever, clients want to hear about ways to make their homes stand out in the market.   Breathing new life into older listings is especially important.  Make some of these suggestions, and watch listings spring to life!


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