When Will My Lake Charles Home Sell?

February 15, 2011

When you list your home for sale in Lake Charles, LA as a Seller your first question to your REALTOR  is “How long will it take for my Lake Charles home to sell?” when you should really be asking your REALTOR
“How will my Lake Charles property be seen and/or marketed to attract qualified Southwest Louisiana buyers ?”

Statistics show 87% of home buyers are searching the Internet. The latest figures show that real estate searches on the internet are up 6% over the previous year.

Buyers look online 8.3 weeks prior to buying and usually 10 days before contacting a Realtor.

When is the first time a new Lake Charles listing is viewed? The answer to that question is: listings are first viewed online via an Internet Search.

40% of consumers search for real estate on Google
25% of consumers search for real estate on Realtor.com
8% of consumers search for real estate on Yahoo
5% of consumers search for real estate on Zillow

Lake Charles Homes SELL when these 3  points are addressed:

  • Priced Right/Market Trends
  • Condition of Home/Fair Market Value
  • Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of the home selling process.  How is your Lake Charles Home For Sale being seen?

For all more information on  Selling a Home in Lake Charles be sure to visit the tips listed on my website.


Homes in Louisiana Now Require a Smoke Detector with a 10 Year Lithium Battery!

February 9, 2011

If you are in the State of Louisiana and selling  a Louisiana residential property you are required to have a smoke detector in the home with a ten year lithium battery! This  new law went into effect January 1, 2011 and is also a question found on the new Louisiana 2011 Property  Condition Disclosures that are to be filled out by homeowners when listing a property for sale.

There are no penalties or fines if the Seller fails to comply with this law nor can it stop a real estate closing from taking place if there isn’t a smoke detector with a 10 year lithium battery in the home. REALTORS  SHALL NOT be held liable for the Seller’s failure to comply with the law.

The cost of  a 10 Year Lithium Battery is between $12-$15.

The new law is Louisiana Act 163. You can check it our HERE!

Louisiana Mortgage Associates Keeping Up With the Changes

February 9, 2011

Keeping up with the changes in the mortgage industry and lender requirements can be challenging. Bobby Jo Landry, Craig Boudreaux and Phillip Porche, Loan Officers  with Louisiana Mortgage Associates, stopped by Century 21 Mike D. Bono & Co.’s to share with REALTORS the changes taking place in the loan process.  We all want and need to understand the loan process so we can work together and assist our  buyers as a team!

If a client does not meet the guidelines for a particular loan product due to credit score, Louisiana Mortgage Associates can work with the client to raise their score with a credit simulator program. Don’t let your dream of home ownership diminish because you have been turned down due to your credit score.

Do you have questions about FHA, Rural Development, VA or Conventional loans? What about Mortgage Insurance Premiums, Closing Cost Contribution, Gifts, City Grants and how loans are structured?

Louisiana Mortgage Loan Officer, Craig  Boudreaux is very knowledgeable and his passion for helping buyers shows.  Got questions ??? Give Craig a Call at Louisiana Mortgage Associates 337-661-1741.  He will take time to speak with you and explain the options you have when applying for a home mortgage.

Landscaping is an Expensive Investment-Protect Against the Freeze!

February 1, 2011


With the freezing cold conditions expected across Louisiana there are a few things you should be aware of to prepare for the freezing temperatures. Remember the 4 P’s Pets, Plants, Pipes and People!

Southwest Louisiana is going to get a taste of the strong cold front already blasting the Midwest.  Our 7 day forecast shows freezing temperatures through Friday expected.

We have heaters and blankets to keep us warm, we can’t say the same for water pipes throughout the house and we are not accustomed to cold temperatures here in Southwest Louisiana.  Many will be using space heaters  to keep warm and you want to remember to be safe in doing so and check on any elderly residents too.

Here are a few tips:


  • Disconnect outdoor hoses, drain and store in protected area.
  • Wrap exposed faucets and pipes – including those outside the house or in unheated crawl spaces, attics, garages and other areas paying attention to where the water supply enters the house.
  • Turn the temperature on in your house above 50 degrees.
  • Make sure you have faucets dripping.
  • If your home is on piers you may want to keep a light underneath your house to heat the pipes from the bottom


  • Keep warm, stay inside if possible
  • Dress in layers, wear hats, gloves and coat when you go out
  • Avoid over exertion, cold weather can put a strain on your body
  • Observe heater safety
  1. Never place a space heater on top of furniture or near water.
  2. Keep heat sources at least 3 feet away from furniture and drapes.
  3. Never leave children unattended near a space heater.


• Bring pets inside, and move other animals or livestock to sheltered areas.

• Keep adequate food and water available.


• Bring potted plants inside or store in garage near interior wall to provide extra warmth and protection from wind.

• For cold-sensitive outdoor plants, put down extra mulch and consider covering with a cloth fabric of some kind to shield the plants from wind and frost.  Many residents have wrapped their palm trees with a burlap material to insulate these tropical plants. Greengate Garden Center offers a plant insulating material called N Sulate.

I learned plant protection the hard way losing 2 of my palm trees last year.  This year my Queen’s Palm has fallen victim to the cold temperatures again.  Landscaping is an expensive investment you must protect!

It is probably also a good idea if you don’t have a garage or shelter for your vehicle, you probably should prepare your car  adding antifreeze.

Just remember if you don’t like the weather here today, just wait it is ever changing in Southwest Louisiana and we can shoot back up into the 70’s next week!


Preview Tour of Canal Place Subdivision in South Lake Charles

January 29, 2011

Canal Place is comprised of French inspired homes along the streets of Chartres, Carondelet, LaSalle, Poydras  and Toulouse

There is currently 1 home listed for sale at $389,000 with 3,150 sq ft. of living.  Prices have been averaging $122/sq ft. in this South Lake Charles neighborhood.

For more information on Canal Place Subdivision visit the Canal Place Facebook Page or Canal Place Feature Community on the Lake Charles Real Estate website.

Lake Charles Real Estate

Graywood Community Tennis Activities

January 24, 2011

Tennis Activities in Graywood

lake charles tennis

Graywood Community in Lake Charles offers residents several memberships to choose from.  Graywood is probably best known for its Gray Plantation Golf Course, however Graywood also has some pretty “hot” tennis court activities!

Lake Charles TennisFebruary 11-12 MB Rich is sponsoring the Cupid’s Cup Mixed Doubles Event.
Cost: $60 per team which includes a gift
for each player and prizes provided
by M.B. Rich Jewelers.
Guaranteed two matches
Play will start at
5:00pm on Friday and
9:00am on Saturday
Deadline to enter
February 6th

Other Tennis events include:

Ladies Evening Team Tennis Starts Feb 8th and runs through April 19th
Tuesday’s at 6:30pm
Players are divided on teams and compete
against each other according to level.
Cost: $40 for the season and includes
season ending party and
awards ceremony.

Ladies Spring Team Tennis Starts Feb 9th and runs through April 20th
Wednesday’s 9am start time
Players are divided on teams and compete
against each other according to level. Gray
Plantation will cater the end of the season
luncheon to be held in the Evergreen Room.
Deadline to sign up February 2nd
Cost: $40 for the season, luncheon and awards

For more information on Homes for Sale in Graywood or South Lake Charles neighborhoods near Graywood visit Lake Charles Real Estate!

100% Home Financing Available in Westlake

January 24, 2011

Westlake LA Real Estate

Heading “West” from Lake Charles, Louisiana, you will find the City of Westlake, Louisiana. As a matter of fact, once you take the “Westlake” Exit off of I-10 you will be greeted by this HUGE sign that says Welcome to Westlake!  Sampson Street is the Main Street that runs through the City of Westlake.

Westlake Real Estate

Westlake is a small Louisiana community but it boasts  a new public 18 hole 72 Par Golf Course, The  National Golf Club of Louisiana and also offers residents a wonderful recreational venue with Pinederosa Park. Westlake is also home to The Isle of Capri Casino.

What makes Homes For Sale in Westlake attractive to Home Buyers is the fact that Westlake Homes For Sale is a  eligible region /area for Rural Development 100% Financing.

There are currently 43 Homes For Sale in Westlake, LA.

Westlake is  just one of many nearby areas in Calcasieu Parish where I sell real estate. You can search Westlake Homes for Sale on my Lake Charles Real Estate website.

Westlake Real Estate


Lagniappe Living in Lake Charles Copyright 2011 Marilyn Boudreaux

Carriage Rides in Lake Charles, LA

December 11, 2010

Lighted Holiday Carriage Rides Featured by J & R Carriage

Lake Charles Real Estate

Are you looking for something special to do during the holiday season in Lake Charles, Louisiana?  You can schedule a carriage ride along beautiful Shell Beach Drive to view the Christmas Lights!

Each evening you will find J & R Carriage along the Promenade behind the Civic Center in Lake Charles.  J & R Carriage is a full time carriage company that offers several different size carriages and can accommodate your needs depending on the number of people in your party.

I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening and get into the Christmas spirit than a lighted carriage ride complete with a blanket and bringing along your favorite beverage of choice!

I just went on my own beautiful carriage ride this evening guided by one of the owners of J & R Carriage–Roger Roy!

I learned that J & R Carriage has six Belgian mules who are treated very well and trained for the task of pulling carriages! What’s not to love about a mule wearing a Santa hat and bells!

Lake Charles Real Estate

Call 337 570-9909 or 337 842 0778 for information on holiday carriage tours and pricing.

Lake Charles is Full of History and is a Great Place to Live

December 10, 2010

lake charles real estate

Lake Charles, Louisiana is full of interesting historical buildings and residential homes on the historical registrar.   Preservation of our historical buildings is just one of the reasons Lake Charles is a great place to live.  Bringing old buildings back to life and preserving the arts adds to our community!

One of the focal points  in Lake Charles Louisiana is the Central School Building in the City of Lake Charles historical Charpentier district

Once upon a time in 1912 Central School was built and  was the main school in Lake Charles, Louisiana. There are many residents of Lake Charles who remember attending school in this lovely historical building.

The Central School Building underwent several renovation projects through the 1990’s and now fully restored  and houses the City of Lake Charles  Central School Arts and Humanities Centerl

Central School now provides space for artists, musicians, galleries and non profit organizations.  Central School is a focal point and the anchor of the  City of Lake Charles Charpentier District and home of the Arts and Humanities Council.

Last night friends of Central School gathered to dedicate a new fountain and plaza.


There are several Lake Charles homes for sale in the Charpentier historical district.  Many buyers are attracted to the charm and architecture of older homes.  I have assisted several Lake Charles buyers with home purchases in the historical district of Lake Charles.

Looking for a historical home in Lake Charles, Louisiana? Contact MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337-499-9592!

Just Listed 2115 3rd Street in Lake Charles, LA

December 3, 2010

4 Bedroom 2 Bath Home for Sale in Lake Charles, Louisiana

2115 3rd Street, Lake Charles, LA


2115 3rd Street

Don’t be deceived by the exterior this home!

1,835 sq ft of living

2,405 Total Sq Ft

Large Lot 100x 180

There are two separate living spaces and a side covered entrance.  New flooring throughout the home.

2115 3rd St

Excellent rental property that can accomate a family of four!  Currently rents for $850/mo.

Contact MARILYN BOUDREAUX 337-499-9592 for more informaton